A film a day for a week – Django Unchained

Wednesday – Django Unchained


Django Unchained (2012) is a film I should have seen a long time ago. This Western film is set in the American South and follows the story of Django, a slave who is freed by Bounty Hunter Dr King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) to find some wanted men, and the two soon become good friends. Tarantino’s film is worth the whole 2 and a half hours, he depicts the times of slavery with no sugar-coating and gives us this new heroic character of Django who is fighting to alongside Schultz to free his wife.


The plot of the film is perfect, and complimented with the soundtrack and careful editing and mise-en-scene it is impossible to get bored. The main song for the soundtrack being Django’s theme-song, which is catchy and Westernised but I also thought that the use of John Legend on the soundtrack made it more modernised along with the modern way that the film had been made.

Jamie Foxx is perfect for the role of Django, adding the right amount of comedy and to the character, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio with his effortless performance as the owner of ‘Candyland’ a huge plantation, with Samuel L. Jackson playing his house slave Stephen, a hated character with the humour of Samuel shining through. This is an amazing film which I could watch 10 times over and still enjoy, and I really shouldn’t have waited this long to watch it.


A film a day for a week – Django Unchained

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