A film a day for a week – Moonlight

Tuesday – Moonlight


After watching the Oscars and seeing Moonlight snatch the Best Picture award from La La Land, a huge Hollywood musical success I knew that I needed to see it for myself. This film is genuinely the first of its own, a deeply sad and thought-provoking film about a young black boy dealing with his sexuality in a way that I’ve never seen before. Every element of the film is well thought-through and artistic. The soundtrack works perfectly with the strings complimenting the scenes of his childhood to adolescence and from the outset and throughout I felt embellished into his story. Mahershala Ali’s character plays Chiron’s guardian throughout his younger years leading to the beautiful scene in the ocean where he teaches him how to swim. Janelle Monáe also features in the film playing Mahershala’s girlfriend, again showcasing her acting abilities.


The artistic elements were also shown in the fact that the film was split into 3 parts: Little, Chiron and Black, with 3 different actors doing an amazing job at maintaining the personality of Chiron through his life stages. Interestingly, the 3 actors didn’t actually meet until the film was finished allowing each of them to portray Chiron as their own. Also one of my favourite things I found out after watching the film is that they are all part of the new Calvin Klein campaign. I highly recommend watching this film, not just for the storyline but for all of the artistic elements and effort that has been put in.

A film a day for a week – Moonlight

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