A film a day for a week – Hidden Figures

With Black History Month ending at such a high from the amazing Oscar results I wanted to celebrate black film myself by watching a film a day for a week which either celebrates black history or has a black director.

I started on a highly anticipated film this year with great reviews and a great story…

Monday – Hidden Figures 


Hidden Figures released this February reveals the story of Katherine G. Johnson (played by Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (played by Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (played by Janelle Monáe), three unbelievable smart women who worked for NASA in the 60’s.

The film shows their struggle with equality in the workplace during the times of segregation and how these amazing women are able to work past this and overcome almost every obstacle they face. One of the most memorable scenes that I have also seen trending on Twitter is Taraji’s speech when after she is confronted for taking a 40 minute break when she was actually travelling to use the ‘coloured’ bathroom.

All three of the women in the film are inspirational and this was also the first film I had seen Janelle Monáe act in and after listening to her music it is clear she is a triple threat with her music also featuring on the soundtrack. The love story with Mahershala Ali’s character Jim Johnson compliments the film keeping a light-hearted tone throughout, however maintaining its clear message, if you believe you can achieve. Visually the film is perfect with the 60s flair of colour  coming through the scenes of the women together and in scenes with family, also the use of Pharrell on the soundtrack I found really effective, with the most memorable song being ‘Runnin’ as its used in the comedic scenes of Katherine running to the bathroom.

The happy ending was what really moved me when the real pictures of the women and what they achieved were shown. Hidden Figures is well deserving of its multitude of Awards and is definitely going down as one of my favourites.they-are-hidden-figures-no-more

A film a day for a week – Hidden Figures

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